Multi-Unit Home Inspections

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Our unique Pre-Inspected Home Program offers three levels of home inspection services to meet our clients’ needs and budgets.

First Response Home Screenings

The First Response Screening Program is a highly effective home evaluation solution. We want you to find the right home from your SCL quickly, and at a lower cost than traditional inspection methods. We accomplish this through our Virtual Inspection Program. We quickly evaluate each home for major issues before or after a purchase commitment; the results are documented for you in real-time live video for fast purchase decisions.

PreSpec Home Inspections

Our basic PreSpec home inspection service follows the guidelines of the Tennessee Home Inspection Act for providing a thorough visual inspection of the home. Additional services include a free Recall Check of the appliances and a Free Membership in the Home Owners Network.

DataSpec Home Inspections

For clients who desire a higher level of service and technology, our DataSpec home inspection provides a thorough visual inspection of the home. Additional services include a high-tech thermal imaging scan of the home’s structure for signs of moisture intrusion, a free Recall Check of the appliances, membership in the Home Owners Network, and a free limited home warranty*.

Other services we offer

Our Specialties

Multi-Family Residential

Luxury and Historic

Log and Timber Frame

Condo and Townhouse

Manufactured Homes

A typical inspection can last up to several hours and will cover the following areas:

Exterior of The Home

Structure of the Home

Heating & Cooling Systems

Electrical Systems



Interior Rooms