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Commercial/Industrial Inspections

Our Master Inspection Group team has performed thousands of commercial property inspections since 1989.

Our experience and superior technical and communication skills allow us to quickly and professionally deliver the high-level information and data required by our clients. The Master Inspection Group serves clients throughout the Tennessee area and offers competitive quotes, regardless of the size, scope, or location of the project. Using due diligence established by ASTM and CCPIA standards we provide a professional and experienced TEAM approach. The Master Inspection Group can develop comprehensive Property Condition Reports (PCR) and provide cost-to-remedy financial projections for the following structures:

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Commercial Inspections
Conform to ASTM and CCPIA standards for a (PCA) commercial property condition analysis.

Stucco Inspections
To ensure the best quality inspection we conduct our inspection methods according to the standards established by the Exterior Design Institute and use the protocol established by GAHI and Moisture Free Warranty Corporation.

Infrared Inspections and Thermal Diagnostics
Conform to the standards of the Infraspection Institute and International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

A typical inspection is timely and prompt and will cover the following areas:

Exterior of The Property

Structure of the Property

Heating & Cooling Systems

Electrical Systems



Interior Rooms