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Residential Inspection Procedures

Helping you with your property decision is our job.

You’re excited because you just signed the contract. You’re anxious because the agreement hinges upon the inspection. Our experienced professionals inform you about the property, delivering facts and recommendations in a relaxed manner.

Our Process

How do we conduct an inspection? Read on.

Pre-Inspection Preparation

After scheduling, we want to make sure we have full access to the property and all utilities are on and the owners and representatives are aware of the inspection time. We invite all our clients to attend the inspection if possible so we can show and discuss any issues we find.

Discovery Day

We will give you a briefing on how we will conduct your inspection and answer any questions. After the first hour, we will be doing most of the structural aspects of the inspection that require our full attention. We will come back to you with a briefing when the structural inspection is done. At the end of the inspection, we will give you a full briefing including a walk around and review, inspection photos, and discussion of any additional services you ordered such as radon or other environmental testing.


Depending on the type of inspection we deliver a professionally prepared report within 24 hours via email or download. Our reports are based on years of experience and are customized to properties particular to East TN.


Our reports are very through but we want to make sure you understand what your report means to you and your situation. We offer unlimited expert consultation.


There may be times when you want us to come back and inspect the property prior to closing or for proper repairs. We offer this service at a nominal charge based on your needs.

Bonus Services

Depending on the type of inspection you ordered, you will be receiving free information or membership services via email.
We Are Your Property Condition Source
We offer nationally certified credentials, narrative computer reporting methods, digital report photos, video archiving, warranty services, manufacturer recall checks, infrared camera technology, non-destructive testing, environmental testing services including certified moisture analysis, mold, lead, asbestos, radon testing, and the Certified Master Inspector designation. We attend national conferences and get specialized training from some of the top industry experts.


Home Inspections
Conform to the specifications of the Tennessee Home Inspection Act and InterNACHI.

Commercial Inspections
Conform to ASTM standard for a commercial property condition analysis, Infrared diagnostics standards of the Infraspection Institute.

Stucco Inspections
To ensure the best quality inspection, we conduct our inspection methods according to the standards established by the Exterior Design Institute and use the protocol established by GAHI and Moisture Free Warranty Corporation.

Infrared Inspections and Thermal Diagnostics
Conform to the standards of the Infraspection Institute and International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

A typical inspection can last up to several hours and will cover the following areas:

Exterior of The Home

Structure of the Home

Heating & Cooling Systems

Electrical Systems



Interior Rooms