Buy Your Home Back Guarantee

When only the best will do...

Choosing the right inspector can be difficult. Unlike most professionals, you probably will not get to meet me until after you hire me. Furthermore, different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, and yes, different pricing. We feel we offer the best in each of these categories. You can be sure that when you hire The Master Inspection Group you get the very best we have. If your participating inspector misses anything during the inspection, we’ll buy your home back. Backed by InterNACHI and honored for 90 days after closing.


A Digital Home Management App For Recent Home Buyers

Being a new home buyer is exhausting. You don’t really know much about your home when you buy it, you likely don’t know what maintenance needs to get done or when, and problems can be unexpected & expensive. HomeBinder is here to fix that.
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Home Warranty

The Porch 90-Day Inspection Guarantee provides confidence when hiring the right home inspector for your next home purchase.

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Full Home Inspection: A full home inspection, as defined in the Designated Standards.

Guarantee Period: The period that ends 90 days after the date of the inspection.

PCA (Porch Claim Administrator): The Porch claims administrator that manages the claims process for the Porch Inspection Guarantee.

What’s covered

Coverage Limit: The Porch Inspection Guarantee will pay approved claims for Deficiencies as decribed below, up to the amount of the home inspection fee, but not to exceed $650 (the “Coverage Limit”). Once the Coverage Limit is exhausted, no further coverage for any discovered Deficiencies will be afforded by the Guarantee.

The coverage amounts per system are: Plumbing – $250, Electrical – $250, Built-in Appliances $250, HVAC – $350, Garage – $150, Structure – $350, and Roof – $350.

Porch will make only one payment per system, regardless of the number of Deficiencies in that system. If a claim is approved for Deficiencies in more than one system, Porch will make a payment for each system (up to the Coverage Limit for the aggregate payment). You may make more than one claim during the Guarantee Period, unless and until payment has already been made for the applicable system or you have reached the Coverage Limit.

For example, if a claim were to be approved for a discovered Deficiency in the HVAC system, Porch would pay you $350 or the inspection fee (whichever is less), no matter the cost of the repair. If the claim were for more than one Deficiency in the HVAC system, Porch would still pay $350 (or the inspection fee, if less) for that claim. If one Deficiency were in the roof and another in the structure, the aggregate payment would be the Coverage Limit amount of $650 (or the amount of the inspection fee, if less).

Home Wizard

A personalized home care program at your fingertips.

Home Wizard uses artificial intelligence and a database of over 27,000 home care tasks, tips, and home improvement suggestions to calculate a highly personalized ideal home care program for each user’s particular home and goals. And it gives users rewards for completing their recommended home care tasks.

Home Wizard makes it easier to take care of your home by providing you with reminders and tips for your specific home, location, home features… and for your specific goals.

Plus, there are a lot of helpful features, such as earning rewards for completing your tasks, being able to assign tasks to helpers and monitor their performance, adding custom tasks, adding vacation homes, and much more.